Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Such a Girl

From a very early age, Peyton has been obsessed with shoes. She likes to take hers off and try on everyone else's. Now I think most girls probably do this but it just strikes me as such a girl thing. If Austen has any shoes laying around, Peyton will try them on and attempt to walk around in them even though she is moments from tripping. This past week, I had taken off my heels and was doing various things around the house when I noticed that Peyton had put them on. Such a girl, I thought! I like that she's a little girly - practicing ballet; loving anything with princesses now; taking care of her baby dolls; and trying on my heels. But, I also love that she's not a delicate flower either. She is strong; rarely cries when she gets hurt; and loves to rough house with her brother. Her dad likes her that way - a little girly with a little bit of tomboy in her too. I wouldn't expect anything less from my daughter.


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