Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Peyton's First Movie

I can remember my first movie when I was a kid. It was Pinocchio. I think my aunt took me (Auntie Dora do you remember?). So it was only right that our whole family was in tow to witness Peyton's first movie. I thought she might be kind of young. Barely two years old. We waited until Austen was a few weeks shy of three to take him but I thought she could handle it. She really likes this one Japanese remade movie called Totoro and the Secret Life of Arriety just recently came out that was really similar so I thought she would sit through the 94 minutes without being strapped in her car seat! That's really the only time she watches TV/movies.

We told her before she went in that there was no talking in the movies. She proceeded to repeat several times to Austen that there was no talking in the movies. Just in case he wanted to. But she was great. Towards the end she started to get a little antsy and she thought it was funny to pronounce Arriety to the whole theater a few times but other than that not bad for a just barely two year old!

I'm still not sure what she liked better though, the movie or the popcorn!


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