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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter 2012!

This weekend was filled with lots of candy, Easter egg hunts and family time!

We started out the weekend by going to our local grocery store for an Easter egg hunt. There's nothing like finding your eggs in the frozen food aisles. Peyton cleaned up.

Next up was egg coloring. Austen and Peyton both participated although we only had one wire to drop the egg in the food coloring so they were each telling the other to hurry up. I guess we could have used a spoon too!

Next up was our own Easter egg hunt at home on Easter morning along with some pictures outside. Austen and Peyton went from clue to clue hand in hand and even found one in the freezer! Adler decided since we didn't buy her any Easter presents or candy that she was going to confiscate one of Austen's. We had bought him dive rings for him to practice swimming underwater. Notice it under Adler's chin in the picture below.

Then off to Grandma's house for another Easter egg hunt where Peyton and Uncle Mark won first prize. Uncle Mark always has to be first even when he's teamed up with the youngest member of the family which we were sure would be his achilles heel but Grandma Lou who was the ref said he kept Peyton going by feeding her jelly beans!

Then it was off to the other side of the family where Austen discovered that a friend of a friend who was invited was one of the teachers for his swim lessons at the local sports club. He wasn't Austen's teacher but Austen recognized him right away and said something akin to "hey, you teach swim lessons!" That's my very observant five year old who has been like that almost since birth..a definite eye for details!

Kids were both fast asleep by 7:15 p.m. and I'm on my way too. I never realized how Easter egg hunts could tire you out! Or maybe it was just my kids because they went straight through the whole day without stopping.


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