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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Austen, Austen Gonna Fly To Boston

When I travel for work, Austen always asks if he can come. Usually there's no way that he can since I have to work and there's no one to watch him. But, this past week he had an opportunity to travel to Boston with me since my extended family lives there and they were excited to spend time with Austen while I was working.

Austen was excited to be going on a special trip with just him and me. I knew this because the whole week or so before, he kept asking me how many more days until Boston! I knew I should have told him the night before we were leaving so he wouldn't ask me several times a day.

At the airport, I'm trying to wrestle with his booster seat to fit in my luggage so I won't have to rent one there. Turns out it doesn't fit but in between all this Austen is whining that he has to go poo poo! This, I told him, was why I didn't bring Peyton to Boston. He holds it until we can find a bathroom but he just pees.

He's so excited to get on the plane, watching everything going on out the window of the plane and asking me a million times when he can watch his video. I think that's one of the reasons he was so excited to go to Boston so he could watch his video player. As usual, he does great on the flight. He was always a good flier even when he was a baby.

We get to the airport, find our luggage and spend another 20 minutes waiting for the shuttle bus to take us to our rental car. Just when I think it has to arrive soon, Austen announces he really has to go poo poo, again! So we head back in for a 15-minute diversion to the bathroom. Once finished, we come out and as luck would have it there's a rental car shuttle waiting for us.

Austen was so excited to sleep in a hotel but his favorite part was the breakfast they served every morning and especially the cinnamon rolls. He had to have one every morning. Then it was off to spend time with my aunts. They took him to the toy store, the family farm, and let him eat all the candy and cookies he wanted.

Even with all that sugar, he was still exhausted when I picked him up at the end of the day.

We enjoyed our time in Boston very much thanks to my aunts who coordinated family dinners each night we were there. But, the trip wouldn't have been complete without a visit to Friendly's where we scarfed down some good old fashioned ice cream!


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