Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Tooth and Eye

The weekend started out nice. For once we had no birthday parties, no place to be and no errands to run. This doesn't happen too often so we were looking forward to a few quiet days. That should have been a hint.

Austen woke up Saturday with an eye that appeared a bit red and swollen so I called the doctor and took him in. He said it was a stye and prescribed some eye drops and told us to put warm compresses on it. So we did. Either the stye got worse or Austen had a reaction to the eye drops because his eye now looks a lot more swollen than before we took him to the doctor!

As for Peyton, we decided to call her snaggletooth after this weekend. While we were out to dinner on Saturday, she decided to take a dive off the couch and chipped her tooth. She also gave herself a fat lip and a good bump on her head. Good thing we have a dentist in the family. Sunday found us at his office getting her tooth bonded. Try to have a 2-year-old keep her mouth open for a few minutes while her tooth was getting bonded! What a challenge but she did great!

I guess even the most low key weekends never really end up that way.


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