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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day! Love A&P

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and even though Tom and I don't celebrate it like we used to with dinners out in the city and lavish gifts, we are certainly enjoying partaking in what Valentine's Day means to our kids.

Austen and Peyton's school doesn't really celebrate Valentine's Day with the giving of Valentine's to all their classmates but they are having a bake sale. So this afternoon, we spent some time as a family cutting out heart cookies and decorating them and making cupcakes. All Peyton kept asking is "I eat it?" meaning can she eat it. I caught her a couple of times trying to swipe some of the extra dough and all before dinner! They did make themselves each a heart cookie and decorate them. I told them that they had to wait to eat them until after dinner but even while I was trying to take this photo, Peyton was trying to nibble away at hers!

We asked Austen who his Valentine was in his class and he proudly proclaimed, "Lydia!" "We try to kiss each other all the time," he said.

"You're too young," said his Dad. But I thought it was cute, especially since Tom and Lydia's Dad are working together on building the school's new gym. The girls are already talking at this age about who they are going to marry. In 2011 it was Cali. Now it's Lydia.

For Peyton, the only boy she has eyes for is her big brother's best friend Gavin. Can't say I ever was interested in any of my big brother's best friends! Okay, maybe one....a long, long time ago!


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