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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Austen Gets a Bunk Bed

During the time when we were trying to figure out what to do with Peyton because she wasn't sleeping at all, we thought getting Austen a bunk bed would help. She could sleep with him at night and she wouldn't be scared. We had been talking about some day making Austen's bed into a bunk bed for no other reason except that it seems like sort of a rite of passage for a boy to have a bunk bed and we told him when he turned 5 he would be old enough. Well, he turned 5 and with Peyton not sleeping so well, we were desperate for a solution. Turns out we didn't need it for Peyton but Austen fell in love with it.

I'm glad too because it only took three trips to the store to make it happen. The first trip was to buy it. The second trip was because they forgot to give us part of the bunk bed kit and the third time was because we finally decided to open the box and realized it was the wrong bed (that part was my fault though). This wouldn't have been nearly as annoying aside from the fact that the store was a 40-minute trip each way!

Well, it was worth it. Austen loves it. He can climb up top and it is his space where not even his sister can go. (We taught her from day one that she is not allowed to climb up the ladder and she knows and doesn't.)

But, I miss standing over my little boy before I go to bed at night and watching him sleep. Now I have to climb halfway up the ladder or peek between the slats on the guard rail to catch a glimpse of him sleeping soundly. But, I'm okay with that when I see how happy he is in his bunk bed.


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