Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Life Without Kids

On Tuesday I left Chicago for a work trip to Miami. It is always hard to leave them even when I know they are in Tom's good hands and even when I am going some place warm when it is so cold in Chicago.

But on Tuesday, I kissed the kids goodbye and went to catch a cab. Tom immediately texted me and said Austen went to his room so he could watch me out his window. As soon as I got in the cab he started crying. If anyone I expected Peyton to cry since she is the one so attached to me but she handled my being gone like a champ.

Even when we did Face Time on the computer so I could see the kids and they could see me, Peyton did great. Although the first thing she said to me was "can you come out?" She meant can I come out of the computer and come home! So cute!

I told her I would be home soon! Even when I am in a place like this, I still only want to be home with my family and I am glad to be back.


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