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Sunday, February 05, 2012

A Good Night's Sleep

Finally Tom and I are getting a good night sleep once again. For about three weeks we were trying to figure out the perfect solution to keeping Peyton in her big girl bed from the moment she went to sleep and then throughout the night. She was making it an hour long process at bedtime and then waking up sometimes two and three times per night.

We tried leaving her door open and leaving the hall light on. That didn't work. I think the light disrupted her sleep since she has always slept with her door closed as a baby. Plus she was always getting out of bed and coming to find us.

We gated her door. She cried. She climbed over it and she barreled through it. Not so safe we thought.

We put her to sleep in Austen's room and that worked for one night aside from the fact that Tom caught them playing at like 4 a.m. when they should have been sleeping. We even bought Austen a bunk bed thinking we were going to move her into Austen's room.

But what we finally found that worked were two things: A video monitor so we could see what she's doing in her room throughout the night and also closing her door so she can't get out.

She tires of crying quickly, climbs back in her bed and sleeps through the whole night. I'm guessing this sleeping with the door closed despite her protests is really what makes her feel safe since that's what she has known all her life. She's getting the sleep she needs and so are we! We're a much happier family that way!


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