Three Kids and a Dog

Monday, May 31, 2010

He Makes Her Laugh

No one can make Peyton laugh like Austen does. It's like they have their own special language and bond already. In fact, Tom often tells me if Peyton is fussy on the morning drive to "school" that Austen will hold her hand the entire way and she stops crying once she knows her brother is there. They face opposite ways in the car and she might not be able to see him too well but she knows he's there when he reaches out his hand to her.

Austen is also a big help with distracting her while we are busy getting something ready - either for dinner or for work. He'll sit next to her while she's in her bouncy seat and he'll talk to her or sing his ABCs for her and she's occupied and eating up her brother's attention. Now don't get me wrong, Peyton is a huge smiler and a pretty happy kid but her smile seems to be magnified and her laugh a little louder when her brother is in the picture.


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