Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Day at the Beach

Before Chicago reached these 90 degree temperatures, we took a Spring trek to the beach. We piled everyone in the car last Sunday and off we went. The sun was warm, the kids were sleeping in the back and Adler was looking out the window. And, Tom and I got an hour to talk amongst ourselves with little interruption.

We arrived at the beach and Adler was in heaven, rolling in the sand and running up and down the beach. Peyton had a blast feeling the sand between her toes for the first time and I must say, she seemed to enjoy it. Austen was really into throwing rocks in the water. Notice I didn't say skipping stones. He doesn't have the patience to skip stones. He'd rather hurl them into the water with all his might.

We enjoyed the solitude and the sunny skies for about an hour and then we decided to make the trek back to the car. On our way back, Austen declares that he wants to go for ice cream. Tom and I look at each other in disbelief. It was either a coincidence or Austen remembered that last year on our trips home from the beach, we'd stop and get ice cream. Who said two-year-olds don't have long-term memories?!


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