Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Girl

Peyton has a new nickname. It's "happy girl." This kid is pretty much always smiling and just laying back and taking everything in. She rarely fusses and when she does it's really just to tell me that she's hungry or tired.

She's also four months going on four years. She's already using her heels to push herself up off the ground and likes to use her feet to rotate herself around in her crib. One morning I found her with her head where her feet were supposed to be! She also likes to rock up onto her side and I guess at "school" last week, she ended up getting enough momentum to flip herself onto her tummy! What a feat at four months although they said she scared herself and started crying! So I'm not sure she'll do that again for awhile.

She's also starting to grab for objects. She likes her little security blankets and puts them by her face to fall asleep. She's also getting good at grabbing her rings on her playmat and picking up some toys. She is truly just a happy kid which makes me a happy mom.


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