Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, April 18, 2010

We Got the Whole World...

in our hands. At least that's the way we feel these days with two great kids and a pretty near perfect dog.

Austen has moved up to the next class at school so he's with 3-6 year-olds now. He has his own locker on the upstairs floor of the school and is doing great. He definitely likes to roughouse with the older boys but he doesn't like to get in trouble when the teacher pulls them all aside and tells them no more! He also likes to imitate the teacher. One day, Mr. Mike was throwing fruit up in the air and catching it much to the chagrin of the other teacher who knew the kids would be copying his behavior. Sure enough a few days later, Austen was throwing up a piece of fruit and catching it much to Mr. Mike's delight and the other teacher's dismay. Mr. Mike was just impressed with Austen's hand/eye coordination!

Peyton is doing well in school too. She's in Austen's old infant room and has three of his old teachers. They all love Peyton and say she is happy most days and likes to smile up at them, especially when they change her diaper! She has also just started to sleep through the night consistently too so we are very happy about that. She was about six weeks behind Austen in that regard but she seems to be a little more laid back than he was...or maybe we are!

As for Adler, she's adjusted to me going back to work and having her house to herself all day again. She's catching up on her sleep. However, I know she misses Austen and Peyton during the day as she usually steals a stuffed animal off of Austen's bed and picks one of Peyton's out of her bouncy seat to sleep with her on our bed during the day. That's usually where I find them...licked to death!


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