Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I Jumped Off a Dragon!

On Friday, we got a call from Austen's school. When they call, they always identify themselves first but are quick to then say "Austen's okay" or "it's not an emergency, but..." Well, the "but" on Friday was that Austen was at the park/playground with his class and decided to climb on top of a three-foot high dragon and then decided to jump off. Now, I'm sure all the older kids were doing it but now that Austen got moved up, he is one of the younger kids and a three-foot jump is probably a big drop for someone his age/size. Anyway, when he jumped off, he landed wrong on his ankle. Instead of crying in front of the big kids, he hobbled away and continued playing, not wanting them to see he was hurt and probably more so not wanting to miss out on playtime with his new classmates.

One of his teachers did carry him back to school and put an ice pack on it and called us to come pick him up. He was limping around most of Friday but in good spirits. It looked a little swollen but no real bruising. On Saturday, he had a little bit of a limp but he went to soccer and you couldn't tell he was injured. Today, he was running around at the park with no thoughts of his ankle or jumping off another dragon.

Here's a few seconds of what our little big shot has been up to aside from jumping off dragons!


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