Three Kids and a Dog

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Where Does Adler Sleep?

Well, it's different depending on the season. It's like she instinctively knows when fall/winter has arrived because she changes her sleeping location. Dogs must be able to sense that coolness in the air. Although you think they wouldn't know the difference, especially in summer when the air conditioning is on.

Anyway, last year for Adler's birthday, we bought her a big dog bed, she loved it and slept on it all winter and into the spring. But one day in the spring, she decided it was too hot and moved to alternating between the carpet and the bathroom floor for the next six months. We didn't know if she'd ever use her big dog bed again. But recently, Adler knew it was time for a change and went back to sleeping on her pillow all snug on my side of the bed.

Can't wait to see if she moves back to the floor and the rug in the spring. Maybe by then she'll be sleeping under the crib.


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