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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Adler's Report Card

Well, she did it. Adler completed her third and probably last class of training at Call of the Wild School for Dogs. This class was all about getting dogs to sit and stay; coming when called; and more off-leash training.

Adler looked forward to her class every Wednesday especially after we purchased a Costco-sized bag of string cheese which is a great training treat. Anyway, see Adler's certificate for completing her intermediate obedience training class and see how she rated below on her report card:

Sitting and Staying: B
Adler grew much better at sitting and staying throughout the 8-week class. It was easy when there were no distractions, but throw in a few toys, some food, various dogs and other people and it was a lot more difficult for her. We'll continue to work on her sit and stay, but she improved greatly and was one of the better dogs in class.

Heeling: A
Adler was definitely the best in her class with the heel command. No matter where she was even if she was off leash, once you said "Adler, heel!" she would find the right side of your body and walk closely by your side.

Coming When Called: A
Again, Adler was the top dog. No matter how many treats or distractions lay between her and I, once I called her, she would sprint toward me.

Responding to the Down Command: A-
Adler was very good at this command as well and one of the best in the class. We could either use a hand signal with Adler or the verbal "down" and she would go down - all 80 pounds of her! Of course, Adler grew tired of this command being a big dog, as it was quite a workout and after about 20 downs, she'd had enough.

Next up - possibly agility class. Maybe that will be my night out with Adler after the baby!


  • It sounds like Adler is a well-trained dog. The most important is the "coming when called" and she got an A in that. Crucial when she's bolting out into the street.

    By Blogger Perry, at 11:29 AM  

  • as a berner lover and owner I only wish I had known of MH, don't get caught off guard

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:00 AM  

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