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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

How Adler Got Her Name

The short answer to this is Tom picked it, which gives me the right to name all of our children since he got to name the dog.

But in all seriousness, she wasn’t named after the famous Chicago Adler Planetarium as most people in our neighborhood believe. She was named for the famous Chicago architect Dankmar Adler at the suggestion of my architect husband.

Anyone who knows the history of Chicago and even has read Devil in the White City is familiar with the famous firm of Adler and Sullivan who helped construct Chicago’s World’s Fair as well as the Auditorium Theater and many other Chicago historical hot spots. Dankmar Adler was also instrumental in rebuilding Chicago after the Chicago Fire and helped to train one of the United States' most famous architects, Frank Lloyd Wright

Of course, I too thought Adler was a good name and one that had some significance. But, when we first discussed getting a dog, we thought it would be a male dog and therefore very appropriate to name it Adler, but given that Bernese Mountain Dog males can get up to 125 lbs., we thought we were better off with a female in our condo in the city. Even so, we decided to name a female dog Adler too. Of course our Adler has a variety of nicknames too, but my favorite and the one I use most often is Addie. I guess she likes it too since she responds to it!


  • First of all, giving girls a boy name runs in the family. Can you imagine your niece Ryan being a Sally or Jennifer? Secondly, tomorrow Mia has to bring something to school that begins with the letter A. You guessed it, she is bringing one of her many stuffed dog animals named Adler. It is a common word used in our every day life!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:16 PM  

  • I hope our kid loves Adler as much as Mia and Ryan do and vice versa! Can't wait to hear from Mia how her show and tell went.

    By Blogger Adler's Mom, at 12:57 PM  

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