Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Dynamic Duo

"Who are they?" I'm sure you are wondering. No, the baby hasn't arrived yet - it's Adler and my dad. Whenever they are together at my mom's house, something gets broken.

It was Thanksgiving Day, we hadn't even been at my mom's house for more than an hour when we decided to go outside and enjoy the nice 60-degree Chicago weather. We were sitting on my mom's patio watching Adler run around the yard with her cousin, Clarence. My dad was sipping his Coppola Pinot Noir wine in my mom's fancy Mikasa wine glasses and chatting about the day. All of a sudden Adler comes running by, my dad wasn't holding his glass tight enough and the glass flew out of his hand and shattered in a million little pieces all over the patio. "That's why I asked for a plastic cup," my dad said.

Needless to say, amazingly, no red wine got on any of us and after a few quick sweeps of the broom and some water, the patio was as good as new.

Next time him and Adler are together, we'll give him one of my neices' sippy cups!


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