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Monday, November 27, 2006

Adler Turns Two

It was Adler's birthday today. So how did we celebrate, you wonder. Well, first we hired a dog walker. Today was Adler's first official day with someone coming in halfway through the day and taking her for a walk. Tom's not working from home anymore so we thought hiring a dog walker to take her out three times a week would be a treat for her. More on that though in a future blog.

When we got home, we gave Adler lots of treats and took her for another long walk. Tom stopped at a doggie store during lunch today and picked her up her very own birthday cake plush toy that plays happy birthday. He also picked her up some vanilla ice cream from McDonalds. After lighting the candles and Adler backing away from them (she's a big chicken), we blew them out and let her enjoy her birthday treat. We capped off the evening by giving her another toy that has little stuffed squirrels in it that she has to work to get out. You know how Adler loves squirrels. Especially those furry little tails.

We can't believe she's already two. Time sure does fly by when you're watching something grow up right before your eyes. I'm glad we took lots of pictures.


  • Geez, I know I'd like McDonald's ice cream on my birthday. What a lucky dog.

    By Blogger Perry, at 12:07 PM  

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