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Monday, July 23, 2018

Peyton Returns from Camp

Peyton's Cabin
It was a quiet week without Peyton. There was no screaming, little to no fighting and certainly no temper tantrums!Those were all short lived pretty much 24 hours after we picked her up from her first sleep away camp.

The day before we picked her up, we received a post card from her that said she loved her counselors and she wanted to go for two weeks next year. But the first thing she says when she sees me is I was wrong in my letter, I only want to go for one next year! Ha!

I think it was a good week for her where she had to be away from me and foster some independence. She had to be responsible for her own stuff all week and have it packed up when we arrived. She did a really good job at that and the move out was quick. She looked good but her hair might've looked like she hadn't brushed it all week and I'm not quite sure she showered more than once (but she said she went swimming and in the lake so that should count as bathing!).

Here's her camp recap:

The Things I Liked About Camp:
The Cup Stacking (I want to put this on my Xmas list)
My Counselors (especially Caroline her counselor in training)
The Chicken Nuggets and the Lasagna (the only 2 food items that were good)
I got the Highest Swim Bracelet (so I could go anywhere in the pool/lake and even canoe)

The Things I Didn't Like:
The Food (it was gross and all we got to drink was water all week)
The Bugs and Spiders (there were a ton in my cabin and when I went to bed at night I put my head under the covers so they wouldn't fall on my head when I was sleeping)
The Bathrooms (they were gross and they made us change in there which I didn't like either!)

Other Things That Happened:
I got a huge care package from my parents which I barely shared/used.
But, I did use my money at the camp store to buy two stuffed animals because I certainly needed more of those.
I made a good friend, Alexis, who lives about 10 minutes away from us but I didn't get her address or phone number. Maybe I'll see her around town.

Will You Go Back to Camp Next Year:
I'll think about it. Maybe. 

It was a long week of camp and dare I say I missed her? I did. I'm not sure she'll go back next year and if she does go to a sleep away camp, I'm thinking it will have air conditioning, less bugs, better food and be a bit shorter than a week for her.

Cup stacking with Alexis


Smashing Corn with Alexis

My favorite counselor Caroline!


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