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Monday, June 18, 2018

Father's Day 2018

My runners!
Father's Day 2018 started off with an early morning wake up to run in our town's 5K and 1K races. This year, it was Tom's turn to run with the kids since one of us has to stay with the younger ones during the 5K.

First, let me say that it was hot - even at 8am. I was a little worried how Tom and Austen would do in the heat but they ran together for the first 1.5 miles before Austen pulled away. They both did great in not pushing themselves too hard and overdoing it on this hot day. In fact, Austen may have been able to run a bit faster as he didn't look completely gassed after the race either.

Next up was Peyton and Hailey. It's the third year that Peyton has run the 1K kids fun run. She took off with her friends and I didn't even find her til she had finished the race. Then I learned that she had fallen once again this year (and scraped up her elbow). It is a bit dangerous on the course as there are a lot of people when you first start so you need to be careful to avoid near collisions. She turned out to be fine though (getting back up and running the rest of the race).

When I signed up the family for the race, Hailey said she didn't want to run the 1K but she had a complete change of heart at the race. I really needed to run with her too and wasn't prepared for her to run as I was just in my flip flops. But I thought that she would start out slow and then likely fizzle out. But, no! She starts off with a bang and I really had to work to run in those flip flops. Thinking she'd slow down somewhere along the course, I  let her go ahead keeping an eye on her from a distance. But then I realized that this 4.5 year old is going to run the whole thing! She pounds up the final hill and then digs deep at the end to find a burst of energy and sprints through the finish line! I'm not sure where that came from but Hailey has been showing even more athletic ability as she's gotten older.

After the run, Tom and Austen headed to their tee time for golf meeting up with Austen's Papa and uncle while I took the girls to the pool. We rounded out the day with dinner with Papa and Auntie Rees and Uncle Mickey. A long but good day and I even got to run to the grocery store too! Bonus!

Looking good after a hot 5K!

Happy Father's Day Papa, Tom and soon to be Daddy Uncle Mickey!

Celebrating Daddy!


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