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Sunday, June 10, 2018

That's a Wrap on 5th and 2nd Grade

Last Day of School Together til 12th and 9th grades
Last week was a busy week as we wrapped up the end of another school year. Austen "graduated" from 5th grade and elementary school, leaving behind Peyton to fend for herself next year in the 3rd grade. I got a bit of foreshadowing of what it's going to be like during 8th grade graduation and when Austen graduates from high school and it did make me a little teary. How could he be going to middle school already?

Not to worry, Peyton has two more years at that school and Hailey hasn't even started yet. It will feel like I've been there forever by the time my last one "graduates" in 2025. That same year, Austen will graduate from high school.

I'm reveling in the now though and the fact that all 3 of my kids had a great school year with excellent teachers and friends. They celebrated the day with a school carnival for the 5th graders while Peyton got to hang out with a bunch of friends at our neighbor's house for a few hours and eat pizza and ice cream. Hailey on the other hand got to have a babysitter all to herself while I helped out with Austen's carnival.

School's out and summer's here! Let the camp craziness begin!

Congratulations Prospect 5th Graders!

Hailey got to watch her brother "graduate"

Saying goodbye to Mrs. Legner - so many great teachers at Prospect
Clap out for the 5th graders!

Having fun at the "carnival" with his fellow classmates.


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