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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Peyton's First Communion

If it wasn't for my aunt, I wouldn't have remembered to post my continuation of my blog about Peyton's First Communion so thanks for the reminder!

Peyton had a gorgeous day to celebrate her First Communion. It was sunny and warm so she didn't even need the cute bolero sweater I bought to go with her First Communion dress (even though if I hadn't it surely would have been freezing that day).

We woke early to head to the salon so she could get her hair done and veil put in. After that, it was a quick ride home to step into her dress and then off to the church for the group picture before the 10am start time. Her grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins and godparents all joined us at the church too. Peyton was surprisingly confident about the whole thing. Unlike Austen, she was sure of which hand to pick up the host with and which one was to be placed underneath. She wasn't nervous and she even had a role in the ceremony where she needed to bring up the gifts/Eucharist to the priest with several of her fellow First Communicants. She did tell me though that she did not want to drink the wine because it tasted gross and they said that the communicants had to take the wine. So I told her to fake it. Just let it touch your lips and don't drink it, I told her. That made her less anxious about that part of the ceremony.

After the ceremony, we were off to a special luncheon just for Peyton at a nearby restaurant where we had a private room and Peyton got to pick out the meal (well, at least the kids one). We decided to do something different for her and not have it at our house because she is the middle child and needed something special of her own (but also because our streets were getting redone and it was a mess outside).

At lunch, Peyton opened her many wonderful gifts -  bracelets, rosary beads, prayer boxes, etc. but I did get her a few little (non-religious) things that she really wanted and Hailey was right there to help her open them and observe her big sister's big day.

She had a great day and an even better weekend because it was all about her (for her there is nothing she craves more than attention - well, maybe some crappy toys!). Austen even had to miss a game to attend her big day so that made her feel good too.


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