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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day!

What a beautiful Father's Day we had weather wise and otherwise! We woke early to run in our town's annual 5K and 1K run (Tom and I alternate running each year so one of us can be spectators on the course with the kids). Austen ran the 5K with me this year - first time running the 5K as I told him last year that he couldn't run with all the little kids anymore in the 1K. Most of his friends ran the 5K too. I was a little worried about him running it as I tried to prepare him that this was a different kind of running. It was a race but it wasn't a race. His goal was to finish it without walking. He needed to stay with me and not jet ahead to pass his friends.

He started out strong, wanting to go faster at the beginning and I gently reminded him to slow down and take it easy we had a long way to still go! As we ran, we passed many younger kids like him who had sprinted and now were out of gas and walking. See I told him, if you sprinted that would be you. Mile 1 down - he grabbed a water, took a sip and dumped it on his head. Mile 2 - he started to ask me how much longer. Not much, I lied sensing that he was growing a little fatigued. Almost done, I told him as we headed into the home stretch. Stay with me, I said. We're approaching a big hill right before the finish. Let's push through it and then I'll release you. He did and then I allowed him to take off and he finished strong. Great run for a 10 year old who just ran his first 5K!

Next up was the 1K and Peyton's turn. She ran as fast as she could the whole way without slowing down or stopping. She does love to run! Great job P! Next year, Hailey will join the 1K as she kept asking this year if the race bib and shirt that I picked up the day before were hers! She so wants to do everything her older brother and sister do.

After the race, we enjoyed some outside time with Sadie just basking in the perfect weather before it was time to head to Austen's baseball game. It was the semifinal game for the Little League title. If they won, they'd have to play tomorrow night for 1st Place. If they lost, they would only earn 2nd Place.

It was a hard fought game between many school friends but after 6 innings the score was 8-4 - bad guys. Austen's team unfortunately didn't bring home the 1st Place trophy but they should be proud. They scored 2nd Place and had a great season. Austen pitched some great innings and made some great plays in the field as well as hit a key single in the home stretch.

It was the perfect way to spend Father's Day (like Mother's Day) - watching our kid(s) play sports!

Today's 5K and 1K racers!
Austen and me after just finishing the 5K
Peyton about to begin her race smiling for the camera
Austen with his trophy

Special Father's Day ceremony


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