Three Kids and a Dog

Saturday, April 08, 2017


That's all we hear about from Hailey these days. I want to talk about Phillip. Phillip lives in that house over there. Phillip is afraid of the spooky house. Phillip is my best friend.

Apparently, Phillip is a boy in her class and a few months older than Hailey. Now, there are other boys in her class that she likes and talks about but no one can hold a candle to Phillip! In fact, her teachers recently told me that just before snack time she's anticipating where Phillip will sit so she can sit down next to him - and that's before the teachers even ring the bell to signal snack time.

Hailey has even gone so far as to move some other children so she can sit next to Phillip! I like it - a girl who knows what she wants and goes after it!

Here's an interview with Hailey about her BFF Phillip and a picture from the school newsletter of Hailey and Phillip working on a gingerbread house together.


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