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Monday, May 01, 2017

Peyton Loses Her First Tooth...Finally!

I don't know many almost 7 1/2 year olds who haven't lost a tooth yet so I was starting to get a little worried that Peyton's teeth weren't even beginning to show signs of loosening.
However, last week she finally joined her First Grade class in adding a tally mark to their classroom chart counting the number of teeth lost this school year.

It was just a few days before when she noticed that one of her teeth was loose enough to wiggle. And, she kept on wiggling it, eating apples and other things to get that tooth to come out. And come out it did, just a few short days later while she was brushing her teeth.

The Tooth Fairy visited that night with a $20 for her first tooth (I guess she didn't have any change) as well as a toy (fidget spinner). Looks like she has a few more loose now too so I predict by summer she'll be missing the top 2 and the bottom 2 so she'll look very cute!


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