Three Kids and a Dog

Monday, May 29, 2017

I Love Soccer!

Austen and Peyton are in season for baseball and softball right now, and Peyton is also doing swimming but there's nothing I love more than watching my kids play soccer.

Hailey plays in a great program called Lil Kickers and she loves it. She's got some skills and coordination at a young age and she has to keep up with the boys!

Peyton likes soccer too but it may be because she sees her friends and gets snacks afterwards! I coach her team with all her friends and it's a great group of girls and families. If there is one thing I'm working on with them it's throw ins and not kicking the ball in front of the goal! It drives me nuts to see kids on Austen's travel team not making proper throw ins and crossing the ball in front of the goal when they're on defense!

As for Austen, that kid just wants to play more soccer. He woke up this morning at 6:30am so we could leave by 6:50am so I could drive him 40 minutes away to a game today where he was just a sub. Talk about dedication! They lost in the final 1-0 and came in second in the tournament for the U11 age group. It was a great experience for him.

Tomorrow we're back in it with 6 soccer games between the three of them within the next week! Go team!


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