Three Kids and a Dog

Monday, June 05, 2017

First Sleepover

It was just this year that Austen felt comfortable enough to sleep over a friend's house. He wasn't all that interested in years past and I was okay with that too. Finally when he turned 10 he decided it was time.

Peyton's 7 and a totally different kid than Austen so I didn't even blink an eye when one of her friends recently asked if she could spend the night. She was more than excited and I knew she could handle it. In fact, she loved it. (Maybe what she loved the most was that she got to miss one of her brother's baseball games!) They made pizzas, played some guitar and giggled themselves to a relatively early slumber too!

Now they are planning a week away at summer camp together for next year. I think Peyton will love it, much like I did when I was a kid. I lived for summer camp - taking out my own money so I could go again and again that same summer. Best times for sure!


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