Three Kids and a Dog

Monday, May 22, 2017

The Dinosaurs

Since Sadie is still in recovery mode, I try to buy her a few new toys every so often so she won't get completely bored since five weeks post recovery we still can't play with her and she can't run. Her walks are also limited although she can go a bit farther each week. So I brought home two new dinosaur toys for her to play with and I couldn't understand why Hailey was upset about it. Then I figured it out when I found Sadie's toys in Hailey's room and her playing with them as if they too were her own stuffed animals. Talk about taking what's not yours! After a few days I got her to give at least one back to Sadie but the green one she's keeping in her bed and she clearly doesn't want Sadie drooling on it. Seriously, I thought it was Sadie we had to worry about taking our kids' stuffed animals, not the other way around!


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