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Monday, June 26, 2017

And, That's a Wrap!

Tonight marked the last game of our baseball and softball season. Actually, Austen ended his travel season yesterday (Little League ended last week with Austen's team coming in 2nd place) and Peyton's last game was tonight. That's a total of 53 games and 4 tournaments. It's been a busy spring but it's been a lot of fun watching both Austen and Peyton play.

Not to be outplayed by her big brother and big sister, Hailey wore an extra softball uniform and hat when she went to Peyton's games and she lined up to shake hands with the big girls after every game. She would cry when Tom went early to warm up the girls and she would have to stay with me until game time or go to Austen's baseball game with me instead. If she went to softball, she knew that most times she could be part of the team. Peyton's teammates were also really great about including her even though they called her their mascot!

It'll be nice to have our evenings and weekends back that's for sure but I know I'll miss watching the games too.  How many days til fall when soccer, flag football and all the other sports start up again?! 

Peyton playing first base (with Tom coaching in background)

End of the season pep talk

The Blue Dolls 2017 (see if you can find Hailey!)

Austen pitching for his travel baseball team

The pitch!


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