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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Do You Miss Work?

Often I get asked the question, "Do you miss work?"  And I don't hesitate to answer "No." Of course I miss the people and my freedom to check my email, register my kids' for their next class or even go to lunch with friends/coworkers regularly.  But, I don't miss the politics, the being away and seeing my kids only for a short time each day especially now that they're older and they know I'm gone.

Just a few weeks ago, someone said to me that you can always go back to work, but you can never go back and redo your kids' childhoods and that's so true. Work will be there when I want to go back but for now, I can't even fathom fitting in a few freelance hours on top of caring for three kids and doing some volunteering at their school and on my own.

I like being there to pick them up from school and hear all about their days from helping them navigate through someone who stole their prized pencil to figuring out homework and making sure they have everything for whatever practice they are off to next. I don't mind driving car pool. I like socializing with the other moms and getting to know them far better than I did when I was working. I like getting involved in the community and expanding my friendships. I definitely would not have done that if I had been working as my time was very limited. And, I like being philanthropic and attending many social and charitable events to give back.

But what I know I will treasure most are those small moments. Hailey's rapidly expanding vocabularly (that no one ever really gets to witness but us since she's so shy). Just last week she said to Tom when he came home from work a bit early - "Daddy, what are you doing here?" Or sometimes it's, "Where's my phone? It's pink." Or even "Come sit here!" And, when I do she demands, "No! Bring your breakfast!" These are moments that I love and I wish I could get them all on tape! Peyton's million questions about going camping with Indian Princesses the whole two weeks before she actually went and when Hailey runs to Austen to give him a hug, randomly.

Honestly, I am not missing work at all. Trust me.

A day off from school and we head to see a train exhibit at the local arboretum. 

Peyton loves camping. This was her winter Indian Princess camping trip with her Dad.

Hailey is just so much fun even hanging out at home!


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