Three Kids and a Dog

Monday, December 21, 2015

Almost There

You would think that with my third I would let things slide a little. And I have. But only a little. There are certain milestones your toddler needs to go through and they are neither easy for the child nor the parents.  Below are a few milestones and when we've decided to take them on with each child.

The Pacifier
Austen - 18 months (cut it and Austen threw it away on his own because it was "broken")
Peyton - 20 months (Peyton did not transition well to not having pacifier - she was mad it was cut!)
Hailey - 22 months (cut it and Hailey would just hold it in her hand as a security blanket after it was a nub)

Drinking Out of a Cup
Austen - Well before age 2 thanks to full day Montessori
Peyton - Well before age 2 thanks to full day Montessori
Hailey - mastered at age 26 months but that was just by my training

Potty Training
Austen - 26 months (and probably the easiest to train)
Peyton - 24 months (she wasn't as easy at least at night)
Hailey - 25 months (during the day she was great, at night was harder)

Big Kid Bed
Austen - 27 months (he would get definitely get out)
Peyton - 24 months (she was mad and would tear apart her room once she went to bed)
Hailey - still in a crib at 26 1/2 months (I think we'll wait til she's 28 months - I need a break!)

So the biggest toddler milestone we have left with Hailey is the transition to a big girl bed. With Peyton we did that and potty training at the same time. That was miserable! Too much change all at once and we were tired! Although that too passed after a few weeks and she settled in. We're letting Hailey have a few more months (okay, really us) of getting used to the potty training before we change her bed - just in case she decides to act anything like Peyton! After that we'll be home free, right?!! 


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