Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Hailey is Shy

Hailey is probably the most verbal of all three of our kids especially at this age. However, most people would never even know it as she really doesn't talk and act like her normal self when other people are around.

Her teachers at school asked me if she talks at all at home. I replied that she talks nonstop and is forming complete sentences already and has been for awhile.

She is the third child so she picks up on a lot of words and their meanings and then uses them correctly in a sentence too. I sensed that they maybe wanted to recommend her to a speech therapist or something, but I reassured them that she doesn't need speech. She just needs socialization and that's why she's going to school!

In fact, just today, Peyton had on this new caramel-colored faux leather jacket. We were getting ready to leave the house when Hailey kept touching it and then out of the blue just says to Peyton, "I like your jacket."  It was so funny and amazing that at just age 2, she was not only able to decide that she liked this article of clothing, but then was able to articulate how she felt about it. For a moment there, I had a glimpse of what the future may be like with these two sharing clothes!

I wish she wasn't so shy with people. It definitely takes her awhile to warm up even to her teachers who I don't think really even know the true Hailey...yet. Maybe next year she'll let them in.


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