Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, January 17, 2016


Tonight over dinner, I said to Tom that at least every few years we should document what we think our kids are going to be when they grow up. I think it's so cool to see them show such an interest in something or be very good at something and this is the kind of interest I want to foster. I want them to love whatever they do in life because they chose it and they love to do it. I saw so many of my friends in college major in things that they didn't love only because their parents thought they should.

Tom said he knew at age 8 that he wanted to be an architect and I knew probably by age 10 that whatever I did had to have something to do with writing. So I think Austen is at the right age for this prediction. Peyton and Hailey may be a little young but it's still fun. So here goes...

Austen:  At age 9, I predict Austen will do something sports related. Maybe he'll be a sports writer or an announcer. He loves the stats, knows all the players and watches ESPN every morning so he can tell us the scores from the day/night before. He's a pretty good speller and editor of so maybe he'll be a journalism major like with an emphasis on the sports.

Peyton:  At age 6, she's not a fan of dolls. She uses her American Doll clothes to dress up her stuffed animals. Most things that she has are related to animals. School is definitely easier for her than Austen so maybe she'll be a vet.

Hailey: Age 2, she will be our most athletic, most verbal, best all around child. Smart as a whip, very verbal (although shy) and very coordinated. She's probably going to be a combination of Austen and Peyton (but all of their best qualities). She likes to build with Legos and figure out how things work/fit together and she does not want you to help her. She likes to figure things out on her own. Maybe she'll be the one to take over Tom's architecture firm.

Other predictions:

Best Student: Hailey
Best Athlete: Hailey
Friendliest: Austen
Most Successful: Hailey
Likely to Go the Farthest Away to College: Peyton
Likely to Have the Most Kids: Austen
Likely to Be Our Biggest Challenge: Peyton

I wonder if these will change in the years ahead and how they will change. Either way, I'm sure when they are older, they'll get a good laugh out of them.


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