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Monday, January 11, 2016

Austen Turns 9

Here's to the last year of single digits for my oldest!

"I can't believe he's 9," I said to Tom the other day.
"I can," he said. "He's been with us a long time!"

Yes, some days it does feel like he's been with us a long time and other days I just want to freeze time and keep him with us at this age for as long as possible. I mean how much longer until he's off with his friends most of the time and we never see him?!  And, just think in only 9 more years and he'll be off to college!

I don't want to even think about that so back to the present! Austen celebrated 9 with a friend birthday party at Top Golf - described as half golf, half bowling, half darts. Ever the social butterfly and the one who is kind to everyone, Austen's invite list was large and even so, he couldn't invite everyone. Nevertheless, he had fun golfing with his friends, snacking on gourmet bar food and eating his favorite chocolate cake. Almost all of the kids had never been to Top Golf before (including us) so I would say it was a hit for the kids and the parents (picking up their kids) alike.

Sunday, he was visited by his grandparents and got to open a present from his aunt/uncle.

Monday (his real birthday) brought presents from us and a special dinner from Chipotle (Austen's request) after his soccer practice so he could watch the Clemson vs. Alabama football game. That was his request (Tom and I didn't even know it was on).

I think he had a great long weekend of celebrating. Happy birthday buddy! We are happy you are 9 but mom and dad are also happy the birthday season is over for our family. Phew! We made it. 


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