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Sunday, January 03, 2016

Peyton Turns 6

Peyton celebrated her 6th birthday with her very first friend birthday party. (Austen had already had two friend parties by the time he was 6 but hey, he's the oldest right?!) Never having a friend birthday party before she wasn't sure she actually wanted one. All she was used to was her family being here for her parties and she liked those a lot. However, after this one I think she may be requesting more friend parties! I think she had a lot of fun!

She awoke on her birthday morning requesting chocolate chip pancakes, bacon and to open her presents. We obliged and then it was off to her birthday party at Build a Bear with 14 of her friends (while her brother and sister stayed at home with a babysitter so we could give Peyton our full attention). If you know anything about Peyton, you know she loves animals and she does have a million stuffed animals so it only seemed appropriate to hold her party at Build a Bear where every child could make a stuffed animal of their choice and choose an outfit. Peyton loved greeting her friends, playing games, and making her Husky with a red sweater.

After her party, Tom and I took her to lunch before heading home. At home she spent an hour or so opening her presents and then Grandma and Papa came over to give her more presents! So many presents. I'm thinking about celebrating her half birthday next time as having your birthday so close to Christmas means way too many presents! Or I told her next time she'd have to donate them - maybe to an animal shelter. I think that would be right up her alley!

She ended the evening by going out to dinner at Chilis (her choice) and having us all sing to her twice (no candle at Chilis). Not sure what she wished for but I'm hoping 6 is a lot better for her than 5!

Happy birthday to my sassy P!

Birthday morning presents

Filling our stuffed animals with a heart and stuffing

Best party EVER!

Nothing like topping off lunch with Mom and Dad AND a sundae!

Papa came to celebrate with me and bought me Shopkins! Yay!

Grandma came too and bought me Ugly Pets!

Happy Birthday to P!


  • Congrats Peyton on her 6th birthday. She is so lovely. She celebrated her birthday in such a cute way. I am also planning birthday party of my twin’s at corporate events Chicago and from here I got amazing ideas. Thanks for sharing blog with us.

    By Blogger curtis03 Lewis, at 2:45 AM  

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