Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Hailey's New BFF

Can you guess who it is? Austen? Peyton?


It's Adler.

I love how Hailey just decided one day to pay more attention to her.  Adler will be sleeping and she will go right up to her and start having a conversation with her. Sometimes Adler becomes annoyed and moves because Hailey is interrupting her nap time and she's old and needs her beauty sleep. But, for the most part, Adler will start to lick her and Hailey will laugh. Then Hailey will pat Adler's head. Sometimes she will pucker her lips and stick her face right in Adler's asking for a kiss. And, sometimes they just play side by side, content knowing that the other is there.

Hailey has also shown a great interest in feeding her -- from treats to dog food to her own food (including Froot Loops!). That's probably why Adler considers Hailey her BFF. Hailey was probably the reason Adler gained 4 pounds in three months!


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