Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, May 17, 2015

My Littlest Gymnast

As soon as Hailey turned 18 months old, I could enroll her in a parent/tot gymnastics class. This was a day I had been waiting for as Peyton loves to go to gymnastics and as Hailey got older, she didn't want to just sit there and watch Peyton in her class, she wanted to be doing her own class. So for the past month, Peyton attends her class in the gym at the same time as I am doing the parent/tot class with Hailey.

She is definitely one of the younger ones in the class and I wasn't sure how she would do. Surprisingly she understood a lot of the directions and was able to sit nicely in class as well. She isn't a fan of other kids (not used to that one since my other two didn't have that problem since they were in "school" all day) but she is getting better at sharing, taking turns and dealing with them being in her personal space.
But she is a fan of doing somersaults, jumping in a big pit filled with styrofoam, climbing the obstacle course, swinging on the rings and hanging from the bars. She definitely can hang on her own for at least 10-15 seconds. She's amazingly strong...and brave!

I think she may be my dare devil AND my most athletic one yet - watch out Austen! She probably will give you a run for your money in mini golf too!


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