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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mudder's Day

Happy Mudder's Day, says Peyton. I kind of like the way she says it as she still hasn't perfected that "th" sound. But, someday soon she will and I am sure I will miss how she was at this very moment, this very Mother's Day. There won't be another one when she's 5 years old.

So this Mother's Day, I wanted to write down the things that I love about being a mother at this very moment when my kids are ages 10 (Adler), 8 (Austen), 5 (Peyton), and 19 months (Hailey).

  • I love at the end of the day when all of the human kids are in bed and I can turn my full attention to Adler. I sit next to her as I stroke her fur and she rests her head in my lap and I just know she feels content and well loved.
  • I love watching Austen play soccer, baseball, basketball, football, etc. even when it's on Mother's Day and it's cold, raining or snowing. There's no other place that I would rather be than cheering on my children and watching them do what they love.
  • I love watching Peyton create. My budding artist produces artwork that I often ask if she really drew all by herself. Wide eyed she tells me that she definitely drew that chick or that dog. Often times when the library has projects to create and I am busy picking out books with Hailey, Peyton takes it upon herself to figure it out and comes back to find me with a fully produced masterpiece.  
  • I love watching how fast Hailey catches on to things like simple words - she has an extensive vocabulary for a 19 month old; can throw and kick a ball like she is a two year old; can almost do a somersault and just understands and follows directions surprisingly well at this age. She surprises me every day with what she can do and what she comprehends.
  • I love seeing Austen being a big brother. I always wanted a boy first who would protect his siblings and he definitely watches out for them and takes care of them and helps his parents with them too. 
  • I love that Peyton has a wicked sense of humor and makes her brother erupt into a fit of giggles...usually at bedtime. 
  • I love that Hailey is my little daredevil. She likes to go down slides, swing high, be thrown up in the air and jump into the pool, off my step, etc. 
  • I love when Adler is running and playing in the yard and I can swear that dogs smile because I can see a huge smile on her face as she runs and plays. 

  • And, I love seeing them all together, every single one of them, and I want to just freeze that moment in time...before someone shouts, gets irritated or needs something from me.
This moment is how I will remember them on Mudder's Day 2015.


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