Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Things Hailey has Learned from A,P & Addie

 1. How to throw a ball up against the wall if there is no one to play catch with her (even if she technically can't catch yet). Austen

2. How to let out an ear piercing scream when someone is doing something she doesn't like that has the whole store, stands or people at another public venue looking at us. Peyton

3. How to never be idle for one minute without a ball in your hand or at your foot. Austen

4. How to share not one toy with another child but her food with a seemingly starving dog who has gained 5 pounds in 3 months. Adler

5. How to climb up into her brother's bunk bed by herself unassisted. This kid is a climber! Austen and Peyton


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