Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, April 26, 2015


Since moving into a newly built house, we've had our share of spiders. That's what happens when your house is open for so long, says my husband. Still I don't like them. Yes, I know they eat flies and are supposedly good little creatures but keep them far away from me. Luckily, now that we are in year two, the spiders have died down a bit in my house (literally). That doesn't mean there isn't an occasional one dropping in!

So, a few weeks ago, Tom was downstairs tending to Hailey while Austen and Peyton were upstairs playing. All of a sudden the kids started screaming "Fire! Fire!"  Alarmed, Tom went to the bottom of the stairs to check out what was going on. Austen and Peyton were hysterical screaming "Fire!" at the top so Tom ran upstairs not to find a fire...but a spider! Ha! He said it sounded just like they were screaming "fire!"

Fast forward to last Friday. Peyton has her annual physical at the doctor and it's the big one - kindergarten. I think Austen got six shots for his kindergarten physical. So I was preparing Peyton. My bravest child when it comes to getting shots, she said she was okay with getting two shots and she would tell the nurse that. All week, I tried to get her to up that number to three or four knowing how many Austen got and thinking we'd be closer to that number. Finally, on the way to the doctor she relented and said 3. Phew.

The nurse comes in. I cross my fingers as I am hoping we are 3 or less shots. She says 1. Peyton says, "This is the best day ever!" One shot. I promised her a toy and a Happy Meal for one shot?!! Oh well. She tells us she is ready to be brave for her shot. The nurse prepares. Peyton freaks out like I have never seen her freak out before during any shot. She's my one who doesn't even cry when she gets them. I hold both her arms and think quickly. "Look spider! There on the wall," I shout as the nurse quickly jabs her in the arm with a needle. "Where?" says Peyton, completely unaware that the nurse had actually just given her a shot while she was distracted looking for the spider. "All done," says the nurse. "What? You're all done?" says Peyton. "I didn't even feel it." And she didn't.

Thank God for spiders.


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