Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Happy Easter!

With all our cold weather it certainly seemed too early for Easter, but somehow the forecast cooperated today and we had an almost 70 degree day. Perfect for the three Easter egg hunts that our kids went on at our house, their grandma's house and their aunt/uncle's house.

It was a long day but fun to see and celebrate this holy day with our families. We started off by going to church at 7:30am! Then home to Easter baskets and an egg hunt.

We then headed over to grandma's house for an infamous Easter egg race where once again Austen placed second. (You want to place in the top three to secure a nice prize - usually a gift certificate to someplace good like Starbucks or the movie theater or a restaurant). Papa was assigned to Hailey so that prevented him from placing at all. And, Peyton wasn't much help to Uncle Mark (who normally always places) as she was more concerned with whether Austen was winning or not. Tom placed third and I placed a very close fourth.

After that it was on to our final destination where unbeknownst to us another hunt awaited the kids. Austen and Peyton were all too eager to participate in another egg hunt even though it was their third of the day. Hailey decided to sit this one out given that she had been very clingy at all the houses (see photo above when she was taken away from us to pose for the "cousins" shot).

She still made a cute little Easter bunny though! 


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