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Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring Break!

I don't think I have said those words since I was in college! And, I don't think I've gone on a true spring break since then either. But now with Austen in public school, we have to take vacations around his school schedule. We were lucky before, we could go places in May and have great weather and more options and great prices with less crowds. In March, there are few places you can go that are warm within three hours or less by air. Florida was pretty much it so we tried out Anna Maria Island and we weren't disappointed. 

The sand was as white as seashells and as fine as flour. Austen loved using it for sandcastles but Hailey didn't enjoy walking on it that much. And, Peyton spent more time in the ocean than on the beach.

The kids loved our backyard pool. Peyton grew braver jumping in on her own and Austen got to showcase his fine swimming strokes that he has perfected during his past six months of lessons. Amazing progress by both of them. Hailey loved to splash in the pool and did her own jumping in (with assistance of course!).

Exploring the island - trying out a bike and some ice cream while posing for funny pictures.  

What is vacation without a little mini golf? Austen made us play. Of course he golfs just three over par beating both Tom and me. And after, we got to feed the Gators:)

Great vacation with our kids summed up by a great quote --
"Take Vacations. Go as many places as you can. You can always make money. You can't always make more memories." 



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