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Sunday, May 03, 2015

First Communion, Family Heritage, Soccer and Baseball

My first of three First Communions happened this past weekend. I couldn't get over how much the girls' dresses looked like little wedding dresses. I have three and seven more years, respectively, to prepare myself for shopping for two of those! But, this weekend, it was just a suit, shirt, tie and shoes that were needed for the boys. That outfit presented it's own challenges with trying to actually tie a tie on someone else. Tom grew frustrated and Austen didn't want to try anything on (yes, we did a trial run and good thing!). However, the end result was my handsome 8 year old.

As for receiving his First Communion - he was nervous that he was going to mess up the order - prayer hands, bow, Amen, Sign of the cross, prayer hands. He had it down pat til he actually went up there but practice (and lots of church) makes perfect, and the Priests were so nice to the kids helping them all along. Not like in the olden days where they had to swallow the hosts whole before leaving the altar, says Papa. 

It was a gorgeous day and we enjoyed celebrating Austen's third sacrament with our families. 

We also enjoyed Austen's second grade school presentation of exploring their family heritage, which they worked on all year and finally presented to their parents and grandparents on Friday. Papa asked Austen if he thought he'd give up sports to sing and act. He said, no. 

 Check out Austen singing, mouth wide, in the front row, orange plaid shirt.

A portrait of our family by Austen. Love that he put me in a bikini.

Austen's family tree. Can you find Adler?!

After Family Heritage on Friday and First Communion on Saturday morning it was off to a soccer game on Saturday night where they lost 5-4 but Austen scored an awesome goal and had a beautiful assist. Sunday came and it was mass time to receive his Second Holy Communion (still working on the prayer hands, bow, Amen, Sign of the Cross and prayer hands) and then off to baseball for only two innings before leaving for soccer (he still managed to tag a guy out at third and hit a double). At his second soccer game of the weekend, he once again had a goal and another assist from a beautiful corner kick to help his team defeat their opponents.

It was a memorable weekend and the weather certainly helped too! Thanks God!


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