Three Kids and a Dog

Monday, November 10, 2014

Hailey's Personality

Well, she definitely has one. Not sure she will be meek and mild as we originally thought either. She has taken to "squealing" either in delight or annoyance. It largely depends on which sibling is close by. Can you guess?!  She voices her dissatisfaction at something routinely like getting her diaper changed or sitting in her car seat or stroller.

She definitely has an obsession with electronics but not the kid kind. She wants the real thing like our TV remotes. We have two - one fake and one real. Actually, the fake one is real it just doesn't have batteries in it. Regardless she knows because it doesn't light up. 

And, forget pulling out your phone or iPad either in front of her. She will be so demanding wanting to play with it that none of us dares try to multitask when we're with her. Austen and Peyton even  retreat to another room to do homework or play an app on the iPad.

 So what does Hailey want for Christmas? You guessed it. I only want her to have one so she stops using mine!


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