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Monday, November 03, 2014

Trick or Treat

I can't believe it has been two weeks since I last posted. I don't think I have ever not posted for this long but life seems to have gotten so busy these last few weeks that sometimes it feels like I am drowning in my personal to do list. I will whittle that down at some point but need to give myself a little break.

But, I certainly didn't want to deprive you of any updates on Halloween. It was a very busy but fun day. I don't think I have been that tired in a long time! 

Austen's school had a Halloween parade after they returned from lunch at home (so they could put on their costumes). From there we went right into classroom parties and since I am one of the room moms for Aisten's class, I got to help out. From there we raced home to grab Tom and Peyton and Hailey for our first decked out neighborhood party. Austen saw all of his friends so after eating an early dinner they were off running up and down our street together. At 7, I never envisioned Austen leaving us to trick or treat at this early age but we didn't want to deny him trick or treating with his friends either. Next time we will have to set some ground rules first like where to meet before dark and what to do if your candy bag overflows (it did)!

Since Austen was off with his friends and it was still pretty cold, Tom took Hailey home for a bit to hand out candy while I did a bit if trick or treating with Peyton. Afterwards, we finally met up with Austen and attended our second neighborhood party of the day. 

Hailey loved being pulled around in the wagon and seeing all the trick or treaters. Can't wait to see her running around next year!


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