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Monday, September 15, 2014

11 Months Old

Hailey turned 11 months old last week and I am busy planning her first birthday party. One. I can hardly believe it. My baby turns 1 too soon.

But we are enjoying watching her grow. This past month, she added another tooth. We are up to five now. Her first word was bye bye followed by mama, dada and uh-oh!

She loves to play ball and has great eye-hand coordination like her brother. In fact, she has quite a throw already. She is getting fast crawling, learning to eat table food which she doesn't like the texture of and promptly spits out. 

This is a whole new world for me too. I have to teach her the Montessori ways of independence since she is not benefitting from being in that atmosphere at this age. Learning to drink from a cup, eating table food and socialization although I think she gets enough of that with her siblings!

It will be interesting to see the difference between my Montessori and non Montessori kids!


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