Three Kids and a Dog

Monday, September 08, 2014


During the last few weeks of summer, Peyton kept asking to ride a horse. Don't all little girls love horses?! I know I did but I think I was much older.

For some reason we live close to a number of stables so I looked a few up and we decided to take her. Now it wasn't a horse mind you since most are incredibly tall and she is 4. Plus I suspect she is a little scared of heights so thinking that combination wouldn't have been good. Anyway, we rented a pony. Literally. We pulled up. Handed them our money and they gave us the reins to the pony and said there are a lot of trails through the forest preserve that way and pointed us in the right direction.

Her name was Rosie, and she didn't want to go for a pony ride. She wanted to stay and eat grass. If you tried to prevent her from eating grass she pushed you out of the way! We didn't want to alarm Peyton so we pretended this was normal and talked about how Rosie must not have had lunch. Peyton was a little nervous at first. She wanted to get off right away but somehow Tom and I convinced her to stay on, and once she relaxed, she actually began to enjoy the ride. 

She must have liked it because she talks about Rosie and asks to go back all the time. Next time I think we'll try a ring or a guide on a trail. 


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