Three Kids and a Dog

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

4th of July

It was a beautiful, long weekend to celebrate the birthday of our country. We had near perfect weather in the Midwest which is rare for this weekend, but we took advantage.

We attended the local parade (which wasn't as exciting this year without Blackhawk Coach Q and the Stanley Cup).

Barbecued and saw fireworks with friends from our local park which was just a short walk away (see Austen and Peyton huddled together watching; Hailey was less than impressed with them).

Saturday called for some Chicago White Sox baseball family time. The game lasted a whopping 14 innings but we (our kids) only lasted 10.

We ended the weekend with pizza at a neighbors house since we were all tired of hot dogs and burgers. The only bummer this holiday weekend was the lack of beach and pool time but we plan on making that up soon!


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