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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Winning Isn't Everything...

It is the only thing Austen knows. We are trying to teach him about losing, you know trying our best to beat him at board games, soccer in the backyard (I can still beat him!), mini golf, football, etc.

It is hard sometimes because this kid is pretty good at everything he does and gives it his all so Tom and I really have to work hard at beating him and we are adults! 

Take this summer in mini golf. I have no idea how this kid is so good. First time he plays, he beats me and almost beats Tom. Second time he plays, he comes in third behind Tom and me. And, I had a really good game. He was only off me by 7 strokes and he is 7! Still this wasn't good enough for him. Despite Tom and me telling him how good he was for a 7 year old, he wanted to win!

We saw this fire in him from an early age. He didn't like to lose when we started playing board games with him so we started to beat him more often and if he would cry, we wouldn't let him play again for so many days. 

Some may see this as tough love but we think it's important that he does learn to lose. Especially during an era where they don't keep score during games and everyone's kid receives a trophy for participating.

Don't get me wrong though, I love that Austen has the fire to want to win at everything, but I believe it is our job as parents to teach them how to lose too and how to do it with class and grace, and still be proud of yourself for the job you did.


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